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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  September 20, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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writings included references to the late american al-qaeda cleric, anwar al-awlaki, who is linked to a number of terrorist attacks and plots in the u.s. this, as the fbi is now confirming, agents first became aware of rahami in 2014. click i called the fbi two years ago. -- maria: contacted the fbi to report that his son was interacting with bad people, a statement he later recanted. the fbi still looked into rahami's travels in 2013 to pakistan, a known hotbed of extremism, and later to afghanistan where he stayed for almost a year. rahami claimed he was visiting his wife and family. the fbi investigation also concluded, there was no evidence of radicalization at the >> time.
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the radicalization process? is the telling the truth as to where he went? did he go to turkey or syria? and obviously, these trips are going to be the foundation for much more in-depth investigations. maria: questions remain. still no word on a motive or if the suspect had any help. he is still in the hospital refusing to cooperate. his first court date is sent for next weather -- for next wednesday. heather: shooting at foxwoods casino, connecticut state police say the suspect is dead. it happened in the park garage at the casino. state police say a tribal police officer fired one shot after the suspect pulled a weapon. troopers say the officer was trying to arrest the suspect on an outstanding warrant. connecticut state police are investigating the shooting. ed: here we are tuesday afternoon, a little over 48 hours to get off for the next patriots game. mike: garoppolo was not in the practice during the media
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this is actually a friday on the football schedule. a player doesn't practice on flight -- friday, he normally doesn't play on sunday. we're just over 48 hours after the injury to garoppolo's shoulder. the medical staff has a good grip on the severity. grade one, grade two, or grade three. grade one is the best red noses. -- prognosis. i'm told probably have a good estimate on when he can actually lift his arm or it's happening today. as of now brissette is the starting quarterback. gronk was back at practice in full pads, dante hightower was in attendance as well. bill belichick at his best at his press conference, do not miss it at 5:00. ed: commitment 2016. hillary clinton off the campaign trail today, but donald trump was out in north carolina talking national security. clinton has said trump's anti-muslim rhetoric is a terror recruiting tool. today trump told his supporters , that muslims in the united states should be watched very
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>> we should temporarily suspend integration entirely from regions where safe and adequate screening, and i mean extreme vetting, cannot occur. ed: without mentioning trump by name, president obama got in a dig at the republican nominee's immigration policy while speaking at the u.n. today. the president talked about the divide between those who cooperate with global partners and those who retreat into isolationism. nation ringed by laws would only imprison itself. the answer, to not be a simple rejection of global integration. instead, we must work together to make sure the benefits of such integration are broadly ed: shaped. ed:ed: you heard the president used the word wall. mr. obama made several references to the ineffectiveness of walls when it comes to stopping global forces. heather: harsh words from
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john stumpf at the senate banking committee's wells fargo hearing. warren demanding he resign over his unwillingness to hold himself accountable for secretly opening unauthorized accounts for customers to meet sales goals. warren slammed stumpf for failing to fire any senior executives linked to the scandal, while wells fargo's aggressive sales tactics helped pump up the bank's stock price. senator warren: if one of your tellers took a handful of $20 bills out of the cas they would probably be looking at criminal charges for theft. they could end up in prison. but you squeeze your employees to the breaking point, so they would cheat customers, and you could drive up the value of your stock. heather: warren, a vocal critic of big banks like wells fargo, demanded both the justive department and sec criminally investigate stumpf for his quote gutless leadership. so far, he has refused to step
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take a live look at the satellite. tropical storm lisa forming today in the atlantic. which one is lisa? harvey: lisa is far to the right, and then there is carla behind me. on the other side is lisa and the fire atlantic. two tropical storms at one time, not unheard of. the interesting thing is tropical storm karl. it is somewhat close to bermuda. the othne to move through the central atlantic, making an early turn to the north. remember when we talked about julia? there is still a little circulation near the carolina and virginia coast causing some rain there. that is the remnants of julia. temperatures are going to increase. i will let you know when they were go down -- will go down.
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abandonment. two dogs left tied to a tree at the arnold arboretum. newscenter 5's rhondella richardson is live in jamaica plain with the search is on for the owner. reporter: you can just see the hurt in the face of dog owners when they hear about these pooches being tied up outside the our board em -- i buried him -- arboretum. park rangers at the arnold arboretum traner animal shelter. here they are, kennel staff calls them fantastic, the dogs socialize incredibly well. it's illegal to abandon an animal, but animal care and control says the goal is not to punish the owner. it's to reunite that person with the dogs if possible. they are health but one has a slight paw issue. >> she had some abrasions on the bottom of her pads. something that would be consistent with scalding hot pavement. heather: you can take a look at
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it was saturday that someone tied them to a tree. call 311. that is boston's hotline, if you know anything about these dogs, if you recognize them or know about the owner. you can watch animal controls face the page to find out if and when they are did -- available for adoption. heather: thank you. right now maynard police are , investigating a bomb threat that they believe is a hoax. as a precaution, all of the schools had extra police on patrol. this started last night when a resident called po s on the sidewalk near her house. messages on the shells made references to terrorism and a bomb planted on a bus in town . all four of the county town's -- town's school buses were checked as a precaution nothing turned up. new charges against a worcester dentist already charged with sexually assaulting a patient. this is video of nikhil patel from his arraignment in august. he was back in court yesterday, charged with similar assaults on
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are a copycat. patel is still practicing. ed: in france, eight more people have been arrested in connection to the july terror attack in nice. 31-year-old mohamed bouhlel drove a truck into a crowd watching a fireworks display on bastille day. prosecutors say the new suspects are linked to the attacker. 86 people were killed, including three americans. new at 4:30, a fund for the victims of the pulse nightclub shooting has now collected more officials in orlando say that the victims will start getting the money from the one orlando fund by the end of the month. they've received 351 claims so far. omar mateen opened fire at the club on june 12, killing 49 people and wounding 53 others. heather: secretary of the navy ray mabus was in boston today to announce former attorney general robert f kennedy will soon have a ship named in his honor. the kennedy family gathered at the jfk library as mabus announced that the first of the
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begin construction in 2021 will be named after kennedy who himself served in the navy. >> this class of ship, named after civil rights heroes and human rights leaders, robert kennedy fit right into that. this one was personal, because so much of my early life, particularly around ole miss, decisions he made. heather: among those at the announcements, kennedy's widow ethel kennedy, his children and grandchildren. the ship is expected to begin restocking and refueling other ships and aircraft carriers at sea by 2024. ed: finding the bus stop when you can't see it. heather: this is a new app, helping the blind gain easier access to public transportation. ed: the incredibly powerful gesture from one friend to another, gaining national attention.
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north and west. rain down to the south. i will let you know how it goes
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announcer: you're watching newscenter 5 at 4:30.
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ok. let's see what drive time to look like. at the split, that is 36 minutes. first leg of the pipe, -- pike, 18 minutes. weston tolls of 495, both directions pretty good. heather: a mbta customers reach their bus stops. massdot partnering with perkins school for the blind to develop blindways. blindways. the app is aimed at helping blind customers make it to the exact location of their bus stops. regular gps devices usually leave users within 30 to 50 feet of their destination. that distance is often referred
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frustrating that would have been. heather: i know. and the apps are getting so smart now. ed: we are here. at the end of summer. heather: and it still feels like summer. harvey: it is warmer to the west. it is the feel of summer, still here. not done yet. heather: gray in the morning, and sunscreen in the afternoon. harvey: there you go. some areas picked up a little of the pike couple tenths of an inch around hyannis. still a few raindrops south of the islands. there are still clouds around southeastern mass and the cape. north and west of the pike, a lot of sunshine.
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circulation left over from that tropical system. i want you to notice this area. clear skies, a little less humid. still fairly warm. that is the weather for the next couple of days. we have a couple of incredibly beautiful days coming up. gray days to be outdoors if at all possible. boston had some brighng was the wind off the water. you only have to go to norway, and you jump from 71 at logan, 283 degrees. 82 in nashua. 83 in manchester. to the south and west, almost 80 degrees. still muddy, basically east of worcester. getting a little more comfortable off to the north and west. slightly drier air builds in
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during the day tomorrow. the humidity will be down. where the humidity is lower, temperatures can drop into the 50's. in eastern mass, low temperatures will be in the 60's. visibility is good right now. the lowest is in nantucket and the new hampshire. late tonight and early tomorrow, there will be pockets of ground fog that could be dense. even though the skies will be clear, fog can form in low-lying areas, especially overnight and early tomorrow. tomorrow, what a day. 80-85 across most of the area, maybe a degree or two short of that around the cape. might northwesterly wind. somewhat lower humidity. a sea breeze may begin around the shore. through early wednesday, low clouds here and there. sunshine takes over not only for wednesday, but for thursday as well. both days really look terrific. late summer bonuses, if you
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the low 80's or so. as we look at thursday, another pretty one day for this time of year. we officially begin fall. it starts thursday, and on a warm note. will there be more chilly weather? there will be. the jet stream will start flipping things around. that is when the feel of fall will be upon us. it could be ushered in by a few showers friday or friday night, that should finish sunday -- saturday, and the rest of the weekend is cool and fall like here the first fall weekend will certainly feel like fall. ed: speaking of the new season, the new television season is upon us. there is a new abc spirit -- series debuting tomorrow until five. it stars actress many driver, hoping to bring more diversity and inclusivity to family sitcoms.
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the cast of the new abc comedy. reporter: abc is premiering the new family sitcom with a unique twist. >> it just felt new, in a really good and exciting way. x really dynamic, a way of looking at families. it actually gives me goosebumps. >> excuse me. there is no handicap lacquered on your car. life of the demeo family. eldest son jj has cerebral palsy. >> we just referred to jj, he has cerebral palsy, who cannot speak, but my character leads. reporter: driver says she thinks that show plays an important role about kids with special needs and their families, while bringing humor and and and.
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moves to an upscale school district, only to realize it may not be right. in real life, the actor faces many of the same challenges as his character. >> mica has cerebral palsy. he is verbal, unlike jj, but he is incredibly charismatic. reporter: the series makes its debut tomorrow nightreporter: right here on newscenter 5. emily riemer, wcvb between friends going viral, after a texas high school is named homecoming king, only to turn over his crown to his friend max. max akin was voted king, but said his friend kl who has cerebral palsy, is the most positive person he knows, and he was more deserving of the title. so he knelt during the homecoming halftime- and gave
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the crowd went wild and so did the internet. ed: we love those things. some people have gotten their hands on the new iphone and they are complaining. heather: we will tell you about the new concern over a new noise just ahead. first, let's flash oriented 5:00. -- to 5:00. reporter: breaking news involving the actions of an off duty boston police officer. j.c.: this video shg man on a city street at the center of it all. the findings into the department's investigation just released. ben: donald trump junior sparking outrage. the reaction tonight to his tweet that likened syrian
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ed: in your economy this
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, alabama caused gas shortages and price hikes in a number of states. colonial pipeline says its bypass repair is complete and it expects to restart its main gas line wednesday. my son lives in georgia, he is thrilled. the company says it will take a few days for the fuel supply chain to fully recover but crews are working around the clock. the colonial pipeline provides the east coast with nearly 40% of its gas. if you're buying premium gas, you may be wasting your money. aaa says there is no reason to pay for premium if your car is designed to run on regular. don't buy the premium. the company's research shows premium does not increase horsepower or fuel economy. a national survey found more than 16 million u.s. drivers spent over $2 billion on premium gas they didn't need. heather: if you've noticed you iphone 7 is making a hissing noise, don't worry -- you aren't the only one who's hearing it. apple has received several complaints that the new iphone 7 and 7 plus are producing a
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through heavy processing, like when gaming apps are being used, or when the device appears to be under stress. it's unclear right now how widespread the issue is. apple has not yet responded. another big break-up in hollywood. brad pitt and angelina jolie are calling it quits. they have made it public. an attorney for jolie pitt says she filed the paperwork yesterday, citing irreconcilable differences and that the decision was made for the health of the family. together for the couple has six children together. ed: i never thought i would ever say the sentence. turning pumpkins into kayaks. heather: i can't wait. seemingly impossible, but the task at hand for some wisconsin residents. we'll go to the great pumpkin
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ben: you know the old saying whatever floats your boat? well that includes pumpkins in wisconsin. behold the great pumpkin race, where crews carve massive gourds some as big as 800 pounds into sleek sea-worthy vessels and then they paddle them down the milwaukee river for charity prizes. oh, and bragging rights. ben: warning signs missed. new admissions from the new york bombing suspects father as the contents of his journal are revealed .breaking news off the
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staying warm as we get closer to fall. when the temperature change will take place. ben: what doctors now say we're exposing infants to. >> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. ben: breaking news off the top at 5:00, boston police announcing their findings in the investigation of one of their own. jc: this video the focus of the probe an off-duty officer's altercation with a pedestrian on a city street last may. what did they find, mary? mary: boston police commissioner bill evans says a thorough investigation was done and more than proved that the off duty officer did not use excessive force. the may 24 incident, captured on video and posted online, showed the officer edward barrett on top of a pedestrian with his knee on he man's back. the confrontation allegedly began when the pedestrian, 54 yr old milton gurin, struck barrett's vehicle with an umbrella.


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